Information about the March Against Monsanto in Detroit and related Food Justice/Sovereignity concerns.
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The colonization of regenerative sources of the renewal of life is the ultimate ecological crisis: patriarchal science and technology, in the service of patriarchal capitalism, have torn apart cycles of regeneration, and forced them into linear flows of raw materials and commodities. The self-provisioning, self-regenerative systems have been reduced into ‘raw’ material, and consuming systems have been elevated into ‘production’ systems which supply commodities to consumers. The disruption of natural growth cycles becomes the source of capital growth because, as Marilyn Waring has pointed out, the principle of underlying collection of data for the national accounts is to exclude data relating to production where the producer is also the consumer. The destruction of regeneration is not revealed as destruction, instead the multiplication of ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ and commodities signals growth

Mainstream environmentalists, as manifested in the 1992 Earth Summit, divorced from feminism, continue to use the model of the world designed by capitalist patriarchy. Instead of rebuilding ecological cycles, it focuses on technological fixes. Instead of relocating human activity in regeneration, it maintains the categories of production and consumption, and offers ‘green consumerism’ as an environmental panacea.

The feminist perspective is able to go beyond the categories of patriarchy that structure power and meaning in nature and society. It is broader and deeper because it locates production and consumption within the control of regeneration. Not only does this relate issues that have been so far treated as separate, such as linking production with reproduction, but more significantly by making these links, ecological feminism creates the possibility of viewing the world as an active subject, not merely as a resource to be manipulated and appropriated. It problematizes ‘production’ by exposing the destruction inherent in much of what capitalistic patriarchy has defined as productive and creates new spaces for the perception and experience of the creative act.

The ‘activation; of what has been, or is being constructed as ‘passive’ according to patriarchal perception, becomes then the most significant step in the renewal of life. Overcoming estrangement from nature’s rhythms and cycles of renewal and becoming a conscious participant in them becomes a major source of this activation. Women everywhere are indicating this. Whether it is Barbara McLintock talking of participating in nature’s perennial rhythms, or Itwari Devi describing how shakti (power) comes from forests and grasslands.

That search and experience of interdependence and integrity is the basis for creating a science and knowledge that nurtures, rather than violates, nature’s sustainable systems.

By Vandana Shiva, Ecofeminism (via eco—femme)

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With every swipe of an EBT for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program (SNAP) - JP Morgan/Chase, ACS/Xerox, Northrop Grumman, or   makes money as the contractor with the USDA. The 99% continues to feed the 1%. The food offered is the product of food processors and agricultural biotech companies such as Monsanto / Conagra to make sure we remain weakened, medically dependent on big pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lily, Pfizer, Merck, Bayer…

Occupy with the 99% and protest CONTROL by the 1%. 
Governments and Corporations should RESPECT The People.

I appreciate the satire brought through in this song by Chapter. It isn’t a celebration… realize your status as a tool of the system when you consign bringing life into this world in exchange for the welfare benefits received.

Welcome to the effects of a dumbed down world.
I want to change this in the world I live in.  Is it too late?

"I Like Money" from the film Idiocracy (2006)- the premise is given 500 years on our path of the dumbest percentage of people propagating faster than intelligent will. Watch it and be stupefied.

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Michigan is causing deaths in Detroit

The imposed Emergency Manager has requested the city’s water department cut off water indiscriminately to 3000 households each week. No consideration of ability to pay, young children or elderly. This is what privatized water companies practice in their policies.

We also hear the EM wants to privatize the water. Note the ties to the State of Michigan proclaiming and doing everything it can to break a city that doesn’t fit it’s PURE MICHIGAN plans.

Numerous filings against the bankruptcy claim it was falsified by the state.

There is a big picture of human rights injustices. The mainstream will pick and chose how to frame the situations. Big picture is State of Michigan wants to remove Detroit undesirables, transform the city with Chinese venture capital assistance, and move the city farther into industrialization. Pollution in 48217 zip code is the worst in Michigan and surrounding areas can’t be much better.

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“Disconnection of water services because of failure to pay due to lack of means constitutes a violation of the human right to water and other international human rights,” the experts stated in a news release.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has been disconnecting water services from households which have not paid bills for two months, and has sped up the process since early June, with the number of disconnections rising to around 3,000 customers per week. As a result, some 30,000 households are expected to be disconnected from water services over the next few months.

The news release noted that due to high poverty and unemployment rates, relatively expensive water bills in Detroit are unaffordable for a significant portion of the population.

Detroit Water Warriors

This is more than past due bills. It is spawned through the overturning of democracy in Detroit. The city’s elected officials get trumped by the State of Michigan’s imposed Emergency Manager.

The backlash is showing up in the suburbs as communities make moves to leave DWSD service. The State is breaking one of the most solid businesses ran by the city.

When you convince the people they are better off without control, then you control them. This is the new slavery of communities. Pushing economic failure in order for corporate rule to be secured. Privatizing the services needed for life secures the shackles of slavery. Detroit is on the verge of being corporate citizens without a voice, settled through contracts they don’t participate in negotiating.